Hands-on with the familiar metal curves of the HTC 10

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HTC promises subtle improvements inside and out with its new HTC 10 flagship phone. We got to grips at a recent launch event.

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44 Comments on Hands-on with the familiar metal curves of the HTC 10

  1. removing the front facing speakers for finger print reader is such a fail, i am not buying htc until they bring back the front facing speakers. the finger print reader can be place on the back like the nexus p.

  2. I've been a big HTC fan, especially after owning a Droid Incredible (first gen) and One M7. Admittedly, I've now switched to a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Similar specs, curved screen, bigger battery, wireless charging, and waterproofing were more important to me. The HTC 10 does have a better front camera (on paper). But I hate taking selfies! And the all aluminum body is far more substantial to the glass on the Samsung, but at the cost of weight, size, and thickness. In the end, I don't think you can go wrong with either phone, but I have no regrets jumping ship. Maybe I'll get an HTC in three years…

  3. this guy is fully biased watch the next video, editors reaction. I think Samsung paid them to talk shit about HTC without even trying it. they can praise Samsung for their identical designs with s6 and s7, but they hates when HTC retains their one of the best designs available. I am not a fan or anything, but this guyz are fully biased and don't actually have the right to be a reviewer !

  4. Does it have an ir blaster to control the tv? I hope the front facing camera does not have the make up feature because that makes the front facing pictures look too soft. Damn, I'm looking forward to this phone.

  5. These stupid idiots whining "Wheres the front firing speakers" should do a little research.. HTC 10 have 1 front firing and 1 bottom firing spaker which is better than most flagships which only have single bottom firing speakers..

  6. I've always liked HTC's UIs. Not a fan of the headset jack being placed at the top. The lack of front-facing speakers is disappointing, but maybe the bottom-firing ones aren't bad. Design seems iffy — maybe it'll look better in person.

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