GTA Vice City – The Driver – Tips and Tricks

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Some tips and tricks for the mission “The Driver” in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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  1. Stupid the cars at the road only goes for you and bump you this ìs the most stupid mission ever and the stupid sentinel car is so of a stupid drift you just hit a lamp post and boom your out stupid

  2. Thanks for this one! Obviously you cannot win Hillary by speed or strength but yoiu sure can win by playing a little dirty. I will win this one now. I always bumped into police cars which messed things up every damn time.

  3. Don´t care about the police, huh? I try to make him spin – the police makes me spin. Cutting the corner nicely- police car drives directly in my car. Try to close up to him – Police makes my car explode. People, look out for the police in this mission.

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