GTA San Andreas – Tips & Tricks – Special Vehicles

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition


Special Vehicles – In GTA San Andreas there are special vehicles found in some missions that result immune to fire, explosions, bullets, etc.

In this guide we will show you some of these vehicles, explaining how to get them.
It is not a complete list but only a selection of the most interesting or useful.

For many of these vehicles we advise using a Towtruck or a Tractor, both can tow another means of transport making it much easier to bring special vehicles inside the garage.
The Tractor is easily found in the contryside, while there is always a Towtruck available in the junkyard north of Mt. Chiliad.

NOTE: After parking your vehicle in the garage, always enter the house and save otherwise the vehicle could disappear from the garage.

List of the vehicles shown in this video:

– 1:16 – Forklift [Bulletproof] (Robbing Uncle Sam)
– 1:53 – Tampa [Bullet, Fire and…

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  1. the hardest to get is admiral you need to push it outside and use another car to push admiral and your house is too far ( sorry for the English because im not America im from Philippines )

  2. Actually,i have managed to steal the tank inside Area 69,i just simlply parachuted above Area 69,but there were no cops inside the base,even though i had 5 stars,but i was then chased and gained a 6 star wanted level and became Wasted.
    And also,real name's Damir,username on the GTA Wiki,Sergeant22303.

  3. guys i found a new special vehicle only on android tested and its ryders car!
    mission: ryder
    ability: bulletproof and explosionproof
    how to get: follow the mission until you need to drive ryder to his house but instead get a sniper rifle (professionalskit) and park the car in the garage of your house and then get close to ryder and kill him with the sniper rifle and then test it how much you want

  4. You can't save the game during the missions you acquire these cars!!! So hopefully they will still be inside you garages when you complete the mission with all there special attributes!!!

  5. To get the admiral safely, at the begining of the mission, dont take the homies with you, go to the cemetary alone, then take the admiral to a safe house, then get back to grove street and kill sweet

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