GTA Liberty City Stories – Tips & Tricks – Special Vehicles

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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video


Special Vehicles – In GTA Liberty City Stories there are unique vehicles found in some missions that result immune to fire, explosions, bullets, etc.
In this guide we will show you some of these vehicles, explaining how to get them.

It is not a complete list but only a selection of the most interesting or useful.


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– Charlie Brown Blues (RCummins)
– KICKS (Chuck Henry)
– Mirage (PhantomEFX)
– Reggae (Ahmed Al-Kalby)
– Sleazy Lousie (Bruce Zimmerman)
– Urban Kool (Greg Grant & Frank Burgo)
– West Coast (Bruce Zimmerman)


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 2 & Sony PSP
Video recorded on: Sony PlayStation 2 & Sony PSP


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48 Comments on GTA Liberty City Stories – Tips & Tricks – Special Vehicles

  1. actually, in the mission walking in the park (sorry if i made mistake), there are an sentinels there are damage proof when on the mission, but it body is tanker, u can take it from that mission, it colour is green. sorry for my bad language.

  2. For the Thunder-Rood & Stallion, all you have to do is ram the door to the passenger seat and get inside the car, then do the water method. Its that simple. No need to waste hours pushing it to the water.

  3. For the Rhino on 14:49
    All the tanks in LCS are bullet proof and explosion proof…
    The two ways tanks can be destroyed causing them to catch on fire and explode is to set them in fire and crashing enough times.

  4. list of cars (just in case you want to skip one)
    Rumpo (Fireproof) 1:25
    Thunder-Rodd & Stallion (Fireproof) 3:01
    ""Car Salesman"" Cars ( Bulletproof, Fireproof & Explosion proof) 5:04
    PCJ:600 (Bulletproof, Fireproof & Explosion proof) 6:30
    Leone Sentinel (Fireproof) (7:30)
    ""Motorbike Salesman" Bikes (Bulletproof, Fireproof & Explosion proof) 8:45
    Banshee (Fireproof) 10:12
    Forelli Exsess (Bulletproof, Fireproof, damage proof & explosion proof) 11:18
    Rhino (bulletproof & explosion proof) 14:46
    Stretch (bulletproof & fireproof) 16:29

  5. It is kinda useless to have a fireproof vehicle. Nobody except the protagonist will use Molotvs outside a mission.

    PS: One of the Stallions in "Grease Sucho" (the red one) also has a unique color scheme (red chassis with a red soft top). There is also another red Stallion ingame, but this one has a blue soft top.

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