GTA Liberty City Stories – Tips & Tricks – How to get and fly a helicopter

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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video


How to get and fly a helicopter – In GTA Liberty City Stories, despite the fact that airplanes and helicopters are in the game code, normally the player can’t fly them. Even with this limitation, however, in two different missions the player can steal, fly and even save a helicopter inside the garage.

In this video we will show you exactly how to steal these helicopters.

0:15 – Helicopter #1
Mission: Calm Before The Storm (JD O’Toole)
Location: Portland
Available on: PSP (all versions) PS2 (patched in some version)

3:03 – Helicopter #2
Mission: False Idols (Confessional / Ned Burner)
Location: Staunton Island
Available on: PSP & PS2 (all versions)


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– Funky Day (Bruce Zimmerman)
– Creatures of the Sun (John Ferrante)


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39 Comments on GTA Liberty City Stories – Tips & Tricks – How to get and fly a helicopter

  1. the first heli-when you enter it you should get it stuck under the stairs of the building the heli is on. the heli is completely indestructable no matter how hard you hit it or anything. next go to the checkpoint and after the cutscene jump quck to the helicopter and try to enter it. now you can go anywhere with it but cant save it after the mission. if massimo's associates dissapear from the memory automatically the heli dissapears also. no matter if you complete or fail the mission you cant save it in the garage after it. however it is usefull to collect 98 hidden packages and complete most of the stunt jumps as it is indestructable. only water can destroy it.

  2. The one in portland is not worth your time. I was thinking I could use it to collect some hidden packages but no, you can't leave the area at all. To bad, it would have been a cool trick if you could.

  3. You can actually fly the Helicopter from Calm Before The Storm out of bounds without failing the mission:
    1. Steal the heli as described in the video
    2. There is an ad-sign on the roof: mid-air, align the heli to the ad-sign so that the driver side is blocked
    3. Jump out the heli while still mid-air and near the sign, if Tony gets out from the passenger side and the passenger side-door is open, you did everything correctly!
    4. Jump down the building and make your way up to the marker, to initiate the cutscene
    5. Before Massimo flies off, quickly get into the passenger side (You might need to press triangle a couple of times) – Tony should jack the heli.
    6. That's it! Enjoy your new heli. After you're done, you can even use the sniper to kill the Pilot and Massimo :3
    TIP: Do not pass the mission or fail the mission, the heli will despawn.

    This was tested on the american PSP-Version. I have not yet found a way to save the heli, but maybe you guys have some ideas?

  4. It's a shame that Rockstar cut helicopters from the game. It's probably because of the textures of the rooftops, that were imported from GTA 3 and they were a bit too lazy to make them, so therefore, in order to hide it, aircraft is not available.

  5. in gta 3 you can do this too but there you can fly with a dodo and there you can see things which rockstar doesn't want you to see (ghost town, the stadium, donald's penthouse roof)

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