GTA 3 – Tips & Tricks – Special Vehicles

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Grand Theft Auto III Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Special Vehicles – In GTA3 there are unique vehicles found in some missions that result immune to fire, explosions, bullets, etc.
In this guide we will show you some of these vehicles, explaining how to get them. It is not a complete list but only a selection of the most interesting or useful.

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36 Comments on GTA 3 – Tips & Tricks – Special Vehicles

  1. The glitch that lets you enter Joey's garage by running constantly towards one of the angles of the door works also on PC, there's no need for a teleport trainer. I've done it countless times.

    Also, Ray's Patriot is also Fireproof.

  2. Here's a tip for everyone having trouble with the Cheetah: if you have the wreck at your hideout after blowing it up, make sure that the mission fails first before you push it into your garage. Push it in while the mission is still going, and it disappears. Also, make sure you keep the wreck in sight at all times, as failure to do so can cause it to vanish.

  3. There is an easier way on getting the cheetah on gat 3 is on one of the missions when you bring that girl to that party and when the police come and try and shoot the people and there is a cheetah there and you can obtain it there BUT don't drop off Maria, you get out of the limo and you goto the cheetah and then you drive it to your garage and then you go back to the mission and then you complete it and you get to keep it.. its easy! and you don't need to complete the bridge to get to stauton island.. I just found that out today!

  4. Ok, I have a problem. Every time I obtain the Stretch and take to the Staunton garage, there's this glitch that keeps happening. Once I go back to the mission, all I see is Claude standing inside Joey's empty garage with no Stretch inside and I can't skip it or nothing. I've tried a lot of techniques, but nothing is working. 

  5. Teleport into Joey's garage to get the all-proof limo? I thought you just need to go to the beach, back the car mostly into the ocean until it gave you mission failed (drowning the Mafia NPCs without killing yourself), without needing to use cheats. Granted, you had to keep the limo from de-spawning until you got to the second island so you could store it, but wouldn't this non-cheat way still work?

  6. What about the BP FP EP bobcat, the BP FP trashmaster, the EP securicar? For the stretch any cheats is required, just put it into garage and enter another car so the garage will close.

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