GTA 3 – Tips & Tricks – How to Reach Ghost Town

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Grand Theft Auto III Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition

How to Reach Ghost Town – In GTA3 there is an area called Ghost Town where the first part of the game introduction takes place. The developers have placed this area behind the hills of Shoreside Vale and it’s not solid, just a texture group.
This video shows three different ways to reach the city.

Music: Breakdown – Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Um, it was Catalina who betrayed Claude, not Maria.

    Did you make a mistake? It was Catalina that betrayed Claude.

    Hey, it was Catalina who betrayed Claude.

    What the fuck is wrong with you dude? It was Catalina who betrayed Claude, not Maria.

    I think they get it people, you don't need to keep repeating what has already been said a thousand fucking times.

  2. ihr könnte bei GTA 3 keine Mission haben in dem ihr 8 Ball killt im dem ihr 2 Panzer chetet das Auto kommt in der rechte mitte und dann springt ihr auf der Stange und dann wird das Auto geschrotet und ihr ins Krankenhaus geliefert und dann habt ihr keine Mission

  3. 3:01 purple esparanto!!!!!! The myth is closed! But the question is can you drive it? I mean I only have the ps2 version of gta 3 so…. look up the purple esparantoo up you can actually find it in ghost town I mean look at it in 3:01 0_0!

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