Griffin Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6S / 6 Tough Case Review

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Built to UK and US military specifications and independently tested in extreme conditions, the black Griffin Survivor tough case for the Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 provides peerless protection.

25 Comments on Griffin Survivor All-Terrain iPhone 6S / 6 Tough Case Review

  1. WARNING FOR THIS ARTICLE, I just bought it, for people who like to record things, don't buy this, there's a sound problem, every single touch on the phone is hyper sensible with the integrated microphone on it. When you check the video you hear loud annoying sounds of your hand on the phone, which just mess the whole video up… And it's really bad.

  2. I got one of these today. Excellent case design – the only snag is that the screen protector interferes with the 'ear sensor' so you have to press the Home button after a call to bring up the screen where you can hang up.

  3. Just picked up this case… I feel a lot safer with it.. not that i'm bad with my electronics… Bending shouldn't be a problem.. the case is incredibly rigid.. not to mention there's a belt clip so you don't have to keep it in your pocket if you are really worried about bending… I still think those reports are from people that wear jeans or pants that are very tight… I wear shorts… and loose pants..

  4. I wish you hadn't just read the press release & had actually given a review. What's protecting the camera?!? It used to be a flap on the old model.

    Tell us something that we can't learn from their website. What's it feel like? Give an opinion. Would you use it?

    Try journalism instead of churnalism because right now you sound like you were payed to make this.

    Must try harder.

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