Gray International – $1000 Titanium iPhone 6/6S Advent Case

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$1000 Titanium Limited Edition iPhone 6/6S Bumper Case
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  1. HI to everyone and especially to you Flossy. I totally understand the blackberry story. Its nice to have someone like you just explaining why they like something and for me you have given me some spark of motivation, like when you said how you like going to the gym because you want to look good for yourself. I don't agree with other people who will rip into you because when you impart the reasons for why you did something I will appreciate it. Kindest regards…

  2. I respect that explanation brotha! You didn't have to explain yourself but you did. I'm the same way. I collect it all, especially if it has sentimental value to it. But that call you got is a testimony my brotha.. Keep doing ya thang?

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