GoPro Hero4 Session squares off against competition

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A new look and other design improvements make this waterproof cube of a camera a welcomed new addition to the GoPro lineup.

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  1. Its image quality is not 'fine'. Compare it to the HD Hero 4 Silver and you'll see some major differences in sharpness, dynamic range and low light performance. It's the same price as the Hero 4 Silver so in my opinion the Session is definitely not worth the money 

  2. *Packaging is too big for the camera. iPhone 6 plus has smaller packaging then this.
    * No 128GB SD card support.
    * No optical image stabilizer

    PS: Don't get me wrong, the idea is amazing but I might wait for the Hero 5 session or maybe the hero 6 session!

  3. Yes the price is just INSANE.
    With such price they completely lost the Eastern European market – where today such $400 camera is literally like $800, because russian currency lost twice it's price on currency market and all neighboring countries are very deep in crisis. Even China starts feeling that. So today – to get the same sales like last year – you must make cheaper product than the previous one, NOT the same expensive.
    Lack of design – the non-removable battery is ridiculous solution, considering that "cube" form allow you to add any amount of batteries enlarging this cube form. 2 hours for such money is the level of first such cameras 2-3 years ago, but not today. Even by video the old GoPro caveat present – very weak mic recording-they just can't beat Sony in this area and i see that not even trying.

  4. GoPro comes close to a Contour from a couple of years ago … but still an awkward "box" body instead of a cylinder / bullet shape.
    Price is absolutely nuts … $400+ for a mediocre lens equivalent to $80 units on Amazon and eBay … ?!
    That's old HD 1080p for a 4K price.
    There's so many action cams on the market, so many that are waterproof and offer things like remote bluetooth or wifi video real time to a smartphone … high end brands like Sony with a high quality lens (seriously Sony and Zeiss know how to make a camera … their latest family of 2015/2016 cameras includes the the A7R mk II … a $3000 full frame DSLR that rivals the very best from Nikon and Canon) or no-name vendors … how can anyone still treat gopro seriously other than their relentless marketing?

  5. I'll so will this be their new road or will they still pursue the other style of body or will this be the way if that makes sense? What is preventing me from buying a 4k Sony action cam with a zeiss lens? 

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