GoPro app for Android: GoPro Tips and Tricks

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I this video I set up the new android app with a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I look at things that have changed from the IOS app. I have a quick talk about the app but if you want to see my first impressions look at this video. The app is available in the Google play store.

GoPro Tips & Tricks
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7 Comments on GoPro app for Android: GoPro Tips and Tricks

  1. Android is way faster then iPhone mate, well a little lol , I phone is like 3-4 second delay, idk on every android, but on my EVO 4g LTE and my wife's Samsung s3 the delay was about 1-2 seconds which I thought was good for me 🙂 maybe in the future it'll be live %100 but for now the android does a much better job

  2. just to be able to change the settings from the phone is grat, and if you add the posibility to preview and start recording from phone, is a big plus!.

    GoPro made a excellent decision by adding this as a added value of the product.

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