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Here’s how the patched Google Play Store performs on my BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition!

UPDATE (5/10/16): A lot has been streamlined since I first posted this video. Developer Cobalt of the Google Play Store for BlackBerry has a dedicated page on his own website here:

You can find everything you need from instructions to APKs on how to get the Play Store set up on your BlackBerry 10 device. Remember, certain requirements are necessary from apks running on your device, to the BlackBerry 10 OS you’re using.

Here’s a link detailing the issue and possible solutions to the problem:

Check out this thread at the CrackBerry Forums for the tools to patch apps and a list of patched apps such as YouTube, Google Photos, etc….

42 Comments on Google Services on BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition – The NewsReel

  1. its very simple to uninstall android apps from blackberry 10 device.
    install "uninstaller" app from in google play store in your blackberry device
    once installed open uninstaller app and remove the android app if you don't need it.

  2. Don´t worry, you took time to answer me and I appreciate that, I´m seeing the crackberry page (Cobalt´s page) I don't understand one thing.
    There is a link called "Cobalt's official file share" and there is a note (Pick the correct file according to your needs) I don't know what of that list of files download, I need to use applications like google docs, google sheets, youtube, hangouts, google maps. I cannot see the information of each link, just the name.

    thanks for your attention

  3. Nice video ! question regarding LINE app install on my z10 (OS10.2.1.2156) from snap. LINE message is working fine but can not make or receive call and can not update from the app. How about your LINE on passport ? (want to get passport if it works)Thanks !

  4. Hi, I watched your video and the video that you recommended to install google Play Services, and I did it, I have installed on my blackberry passport (Blackberry google ID, Google Account and Play store) but I´m not able to use applications like youtube, hangouts, etc. becuase appears a message asking me for install Google Play Services with a button that directs to me to the Play Store to download it , I tried to download, but appears another message telling me that my phone is not able to run that application.

    I saw you have one more application, is Mobile Network. My question is: that app allow me to run youtube or hangouts?
    I have the Blackberry Passport Q30 white edition


  5. Did you hear of whats app ending its services for bb10 & up devices, what will be left with then. I am confused can anyone help ! Will it stop on the SE too ? But then it runs android apps. CONFUSED !!! HELPP

  6. I got tired of all this crap and finally admitted to myself that bb10 is not google. Don't get me wrong I still have my passport and use it daily because it is the best damn phone that I have ever had. However rather than have to deal with all these patches and being dissapointed when it didn't work cleanly I went and got myself a nexus 9 tablet for those google nights. No priv for this guy I'm bb10 all the way to the end!!

  7. You should change the title of this video. This is an informative video on how to get Google Play on the Passport, but this DOES NOT get you Google Services, which is required for some popular apps.

  8. Nice one! Man love the SE.. I have the Z30, just wondering some questions regarding android runtime.

    On my Z30, running android apps makes the phone quite warm, but not hot. What about the SE?

    Also, are there any differences in terms of performance if you install android apps via Amazon/Snap, and installing via Google PlayStore? Is the playstore just for getting google services up and running? or perhaps it does have some performance difference?

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