Google Pixel Unboxing and Impressions!

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Here is a first look at the Google Pixel phone and Pixel XL! I compare the 2 device sizes, show what’s in the box, and also give some first impressions of them! Let me know if you’re getting the Pixel or Pixel XL. Subscribe for more:

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40 Comments on Google Pixel Unboxing and Impressions!

  1. I'm really torn which size pixel to go for. On one hand I'd like the bigger, better resolution display. The flip side is I have small hands and would like to have one handed usability. Reallyyyy struggling here!!!

  2. Tried this in a shop yesterday, very snappy, the camera focuses super fast, possibly as fast as the S7. It was pretty great but the settings is a mess, I couldn't even find out where to remove the fingerprint I added to test.

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