Google paid more than half a million for reports about Android

Google paid more than half a million for reports about Android

Google paid $550,000 to people who have reported vulnerabilities in the Android OS last year. More than 250 reports of Android vulnerabilities were received that helped Google to build a safer system. 82 researchers and developers have received an average compensation of $2,200 per report and $ 6,700 per researcher.

However, this system is part of the Google Vulnerability Rewards Program and will be expanded this year. The company said it will increase the rewards for people who find out new vulnerabilities after June 1st, 2016. Last year, Google offered up to 38,000 dollars for a report and this year, it will be 33 – 50 percent higher for high-quality reports with a proof-of-concept.

According to Google, it carries the reward program clearly to those who contribute to the safer Android user experience. Although the focus is on one’s own Nexus smartphones and tablets and aims mainly to make the Android ecosystem safer, more than a quarter of the reports have also contributed to vulnerabilities outside the Android Open Source Project, that were found and were improved.

Android N, this new mobile Operating System from Google which is going to launch this Autumn, also benefits from all the improvements in security. So, if you see a bug in your Nexus device be sure to report it.


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