Google Nexus 6P Review

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The Nexus 6P is the larger and in-charger half of Google’s 2015 pure-Android smartphone duo. Sporting a large display, oversized battery and a unique aluminum design, it’s a beautiful showcase for Android Marshmallow. It’s also selling like hotcakes at the Google Store – should you secure a spot on the waiting list? Check out our Google Nexus 6P review video, then head over to Pocketnow for the full Nexus 6P review for even more detail:

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  1. +Pocketnow This is too early, but is it possible for you guys to do an after the buzz episode on the Nexus 6p? Even though there aren't really any rumors or leaks on the upcoming Nexus for 2016, I would like to see how the 6p has been since you first did the review & if it's still considered one of the best android smartphones on the market especially since some call it the best or "perfect" smartphone of 2015. Please and Thank you. :)

  2. my 6p has scrathes around the camera glass so around the border and scratches and dings on the aluminum. In my opinion not a durable phone at all. cracked screen too so get a screen protecter and a case or a d brand skin

  3. My non-trying opinion :

    – Design : It looks like the designer is that person that combines every single aspect of different objects into one…it only attracts the fans.

    – Screen : It looks promising but since it's AMOLED i won't recommend it to long-term owners.

    – Performance : The Snapdragon 810 2.1 has adressed the heat issue found in One Plus 2….However a friend of mine reported Heating-up after locking the CPU Governor to "Performance" and play Asphalt 8

    – Battery : Fast-Charging is known for making battery life shorter , unless you switch phones after a month or two i suggest using regular USB charger (any USB port should do the trick)

    – Sound : The dual-speaker is something worth noting…but it's good enough

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