Google Maps, 5 Awesome Tips (you probably did not know!)

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How to use Google Maps.
I look at 5 tips using Google maps.
Including Time view for Street View
Mapping Options
And Crowdsoucing Maps

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41 Comments on Google Maps, 5 Awesome Tips (you probably did not know!)

  1. Oh- I used to be able to drag the little man to a different street to customize my routes from the ones given. But now when I try to drag the street it does not adjust the streets and routes….what am I missing? Thanks

  2. Is there a way on Google maps to find out Disabled Accessibiity for a place that one wants to go? Is there any kind of resource that gives info on accessibility and parking info that you know of?

  3. i want more videos on google maps your teaching is good i have one problem sir
    when iam open the googlemap in androis studio that z showing error
    Ensure that the "Google Maps Android API v2" is enabled.
    Ensure that the following Android Key exists:
    please solve the my problem quickly

  4. Dotto you've done it again! I love the asterisk trick.. My favorite thing to do on a map is just kinda browse and see what's around. And the street view throwback is killer too!

  5. OK Guru here`s one for you.
    I want to walk the Great War Battle fields may be this year, and I thought to my self wouldn't it be great if I could super impose old aerial photos on to a google map and print it off.
    If this is possible and I would guess that it is, how would one do this?

  6. Looking for ways to keep these labels on the map; not as a Legend down the side, but put several such labels on the map. I have seven locations each with a short reason (description) for its purpose. How do I keep all seven on the map?

  7. Man – I was hoping to find how to add multiple points route, or a circle route with 8 points to follow, 4 example when I'm visiting Madrid, and my starting and my ending points is Hostel, but the remaining 6 points are different sighting places in this city. All done in walking mode. Please add that tip.

  8. Good day, Hope you can help me… Want to drag my destination when I do "get directions" Where we are the towns are far appart and want to get the Km's from piont A to Piont B… I use to do that, but now it has change. Thank You.

  9. Great video. BUT after I create a map and it shows up on my iPhone, I cannot seem to get it to " start", as it takes me back to the direction So?? Very frustrating any help please, thanks, John in Australia

  10. I am looking for a video to view the saved offline Google maps,I can easily view a download 15 days ago but now I can't view any saved maps offline,I saw it right there but can't open it up to view the details inside,please let me know if any chance I can do something about it.thank you

  11. Tried your asterisk "*" search today…
    didn't work at all….
    Well, a lot of water have poured through Fraser River since you 18 months ago posted this video….

  12. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This video appeared on my home page and I watched it. I use public transportation all the time and I know that the site uses Googlemaps–but doesn't save my addresses. Now, I'm going straight to Googlemaps for the same info without having to type addresses in each time. It's the simple things that can change your life!!!

  13. I was hoping for newer info: H ow about the "layers" and "importing" I loved it the OLD way, you just went through. I could have a start point, a destination and could add the step by step directions and map,so simple and then print it out or save. Now I struggle, I don't understand the new terminolgy and how to use. Do you want me to go back to Mapquest?

  14. It's amazing how far they've progressed with internet maps and satellite imagery in the last 15 years. I remember back in 2000 when Terra Server was the latest thing on the internet. At that time all you got was black and white satellite imagery that covered just the U.S.. The server was slow and the resolution was undefinable below 400 feet. Now they have just about the entire world covered in color and 3D. With Google Earth you can see the terrain in the oceans. For about $15,000 you could build your own Google Earth Liquid Galaxy machine with five HD monitors.

  15. Why dont you talk about Outlook for ios? Is it because its competition to google? It clearly is the best email app and it now bought out Sunrise one of your favorite calendar apps. Please have a video on it. Thx

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