Google I/O first impressions: Google Assistant, Home, Android N & more

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Google I/O’s keynote ended a few hours ago, and the amount of changes in the event were just too bold to condense within the Pocketnow Daily. This is a different Google, a company that is now showing off a more cohesive result of over 10 years of innovation. From the announcement of Google Assistant, to Google Home, to the enhancements of Android N, there was a lot of information covered at this event. Products like Google Assistant completely challenge the way digital assistants work today, and it serves now as the backbone for everything else that Google is doing.

Let’s not bore you with text, and watch our full video with all the information about it.


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32 Comments on Google I/O first impressions: Google Assistant, Home, Android N & more

  1. I agree the assistant is exciting, however the Google home eco system being developed is excelllent. The notifications and multi windows are also all part of the integration and aid overall fluidity and performance This potentially will bring togetherness syncing your phone with your life making it the true assistant and yes knocking siri out the park!
    well done Google it is finally what I dreamed it would become… all the doubters shame on you

  2. Multi window and Android on Chrome apps! Assistant is sick, too……….. it all ties together for me 😀
    Now, I just need to buy a kickass Chromebook, box or, base – my aging HP 14 is good, but wont run Android apps!

  3. Dont put Android N beta I did in my Nexus 6P N phone keep getting crash all app dont work I complain in Google they told me to put old version of Android they are saying Android N is in testing mode so it will crash your phone.

  4. A dream for me has always been to have fully functional A.I. in my home and which follows me everywhere. Someone to talk to, someone to help me remember things and make my day more efficient. So without a doubt, Google Assistant is what i'm looking forward too the most. I want games like they had in the movie "Her" which talks back to me and has an attitude… just loved that. ^^

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