Google Daydream VR Demo & How to Install On Android N!

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Here’s a demo of Google’s new Daydream VR running on my Nexus 5X and also a step-by-step tutorial on how to install on any Android device running Android N. (Should work on all Nexus 6P, 5X, and 6.)

Download & Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Download VR APK files here:

Google Daydream VR Controller Paint APK!

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You will need cardboard VR, you can get one here (any of them will do):

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23 Comments on Google Daydream VR Demo & How to Install On Android N!

  1. hi Max , please i really need help , so i just rooted my note 4 and installed twrp , now i get a yellow msg "set warranty bit :kernel" , my phone boot normaly , but how do i get rid of the message, and am i gonna face any problem flashing customROM?

  2. For whatever reason, whenever I try this with my Nexus 6P with NP3, it launches fine, I enable the same settings you do, and on my Moto E (XT1528), I do the same thing as you did on your Note 5 for a controller. But for whatever reason, it won't work. They don't connect to each other. If I connect both of them to my router, they DO connect, but moving the Moto E around does nothing. Any thoughts? I'm about to dig up my HTC Inspire 4G and try on there.

  3. Ummm… The 5X is NOT a VR ready phone. You will NEVER get the same experience on 5X like its gonna be on 6P. Sure it will run on 5X but it will not take any of the actual power and hardware that is required for daydream. The 6P is gonna run this soooo much better and its actually gonna work and feel as its supposed to.

    Please if ant of you wish to try Daydream do it on a 6P or a Daydream ready device. If you try it on a 5X you WILL not get an accurate representation of what VR and Daydream can truly do.

    Its down to a hardware problem here. As you can see Android N has no problem with VR. Its just wayyy worse than what you would get on a Daydream ready device.

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