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– HTC pulls in another quarterly profit, beating expectations
– Nexus 6 tipped to be coming to Verizon
– What Google buyout interest means for the future of Cyanogen
– Why is Google cooking up an all-new messaging app?
– HTC Eye hinted to sport 13MP front-facer, with flash

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about HTC’s new quarterly profits, which show the company is headed in a good direction. Google and Verizon are next as we learn of where the Nexus 6 might be headed. Then we talk about some new reports that claim that Cyanogen might be acquired by Google. A new Google messaging app also made rumor mill, but this time in a unique way. We end today’s show talking about the HTC Eye and some new leaks of what to expect.

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24 Comments on Google + Cyanogen, HTC Eye specs, Nexus 6 carriers & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Cyanogenmod has been my daily driver on my Nexus 4 1hr after i got it in early Feb 2014. I love it and wouldnt want it to change with Google stepping in (hopefully not).

  2. A 13 mp FFC with a flash… I have a feeling that with will disrupt the top boom sound speaker, and quality of sound, and honestly htc should focus on the rear camera before bumping the FFC. At least a 8 "Ultra Pixel" camera

  3. The question is what is Google's intentions in buying CM .. I love CM and I love the idea that it is a free independent custom ROM created by us , Android users . and now its even better when they got their hardware partner " OnePlus " also not to mention that installing CM to any phone never been easier .. I remember my first time to install CM was on my HTC magic and it took me days to get it done and after that I enjoyed having this very unique special ROM with lots of extra features .. So selling CM is NOOTTT a good idea and I hope it won't happen !

  4. Completely agree the ultra pixel camera has to go, it's the only real downfall of an otherwise incredible device. the color reproduction is awesome but the pics have no detail so the 4mp just really has to go. If they make a variant with everything the same as the M8 but with a 13mp or higher cam I'd buy it in a second, I mean it would be the perfect phone then without question. 

  5. Are you guys paid reviewers, The new blackberry passport is out and not a single review or update that it got released. all i hear are iphone and galaxy and HTC and now nexus. You guys dont promote security and encryption, only devices for play. Whatabout the business consumer or the one that wants something else.

  6. HTC Eye is a bad idea.
    1. Selfies are just fine as they are now. People apply weird filters on them anyway.
    2. Even for main camera pictures, most prefer not to use flash. Again a useless addition.
    3. There is a good chance that the front cameras, no matter how many pixels, usually are crappy.

    "Eye" don't see the point in this :P

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