Godus Tips & Tricks – Episode 1 – Sculpting, Abodes, Belief, Leashing, Stickers and More

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Godus Tips & Tricks – Episode 1 – Sculpting, Abodes, Belief, Leashing, Stickers and More

Hello everyone welcome to GooeyPLAYS. I’m trying something new today and showing you some Tips & Tricks for Godus a game on Android, iPhone & iPad on the App Store & PC/Mac

In Episode One I’d like to talk you through the following aspects of the game:

Camera/Game Controls (Rotating, Moving)
Sculpting The Land (Mountains & Sea)
Building Abodes
Belief (How to get it and get more)
Abode Types
Cards (Card Timeline)
Finding Stickers, Chests
Using Stickers Effectively
The Astari People

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20 Comments on Godus Tips & Tricks – Episode 1 – Sculpting, Abodes, Belief, Leashing, Stickers and More

  1. wow. I had no idea there was so many gem mines underneath the mountains!
    what I was seeing was just the tip of the iceberg!
    I'm going to use a meteor to work my way down and carve out the mountain.
    this is so good to know!

  2. Hey there. I'm not really a constant viewer of your content, but from what I've seen in this video I'd like to give you a tip. As a viewer it can get really annoying for me to have to wait for people to finish talking before the continue to do something. So I suggest actually doing stuff while you talk. Just something I picked up. I could be the only one that noticed this, and in that case forget everything I said, but if more people agree then I suggest that you roughly plan out your videos before you start so that you don't have spaces of doing nothing but talking. I hope your channel becomes more successful! Goodluck :)

  3. Hey Gooey! Great vid! As for how to kill the Astari; wait until they have a celebration and go with your finger of god and light all them doods and doodette's on fire with the trees surrounding their base!! Automatically lowers their happiness to low low range. If you can, light the trees in the middle as well and when they run out of the middle building, they'll be running out to extinguish the fires, light dem doods on fiyah!! 

  4. The belief is actually full after an hour or so. I believe it's like that so you'll log on consistently. If it were actually a day; I don't think much people would play because in the beginning, belief is the only thing you harvest and even after an hour of maxed out harvested belief can maybe get rid of 1/8 of the big mountain with farms on it… Thanks for making this video!! Aloha!!

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