[GIVEAWAY] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5200 Battery Case (US ONLY)

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Full review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVNuuUyEMnA

[GIVEAWAY] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case

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33 Comments on [GIVEAWAY] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 5200 Battery Case (US ONLY)

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    To be able to live without worrying about plugging up is a God send, especially at a time that I can't put my new s7 Edge down since I'm new to Android after using iPhone for 5 years.

  2. Hey J Will,I've been a subscriber of your channel and watching your videos for over a year now, check it out, I just got a new daily driver the AT&T version of the S7 sdge last week and would LOVE this battery case, thanks partner.

  3. Im glad you have grown and have made been successful enough to do these giveaways j (: I have been a subscriber since the IPhone 6s plus otterbox defender. Anyway, I hope I win this giveaway but if not then I hope the winner makes good use of it and is very happy (:

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