Germany bans kids’ smartwatches because of looming security concern

Germany bans kids’ smart watches because of looming security concern

German parents purchase smartwatches from different brands for their children. They use this specially designed smartwatches to check their children. Nonetheless, the European country thinks the smartwatches can be the possible gateways for cybercriminals to steal information. Consequently, Germany bans kids’ smartwatches because of looming security concern.


Germany Bans

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Such complain isn’t new in Germany as it happened before. Prior to this smartwatch-ban, the country banned the sales of internet-connected talking dolls.

destroy the smartwatches

However, The Federal Network Agency of Germany requested the German parents to destroy the smartwatches they used previously. In fact, smart devices with poor security system may be the reason to make personal information breached or leaked. As a result, guardians should be more careful in terms using devices, especially for children. Parents in Germany use smartwatches with a view to supervising and looking after their children via GPS.

IoT industry

An expert in a security organization, Penn State Partners told that such decision from the country’s telecommunication authority may be a game-changing decision for the IoT industry.

insecure device manufacturers

Due to the lack of proper regulations different brands around the world selling insecure internet of things products. As a matter of fact, in order to stop the insecure device manufacturers implementing strict regulation is essential.

On the other hand, Norwegian Consumer Council [NCC] is also concerned about this. It says cybercriminals may easily grab sensitive information breaking the poor security systems of the smartwatches manufactured for children.


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