Genesis “No Stream Available” Fix – Tips and Tricks – Genesis Hosts Order

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How to fix issues with Genesis “No Sources Available” “No Stream Available”


Adding the MTLFREETV Repo

IPTV Stalker Playlist


How to Change Backgrounds in XBMC/Kodi

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23 Comments on Genesis “No Stream Available” Fix – Tips and Tricks – Genesis Hosts Order

  1. I'm still having no streams and on some movies only 1 source comes up its like it's not connecting them. but it was working fine and on my other box they work? can you help? I'm using exodus

  2. Thank you for getting back to me and please pardon my impatience in my question earlier. Yes. I ended up downloading a different wizard and that cleared up my issues. Thanks again.

  3. Hello, I would like to watch "Young and the Restless" on Kodi. Everytime I search for it and click on the an episode, it says no stream available. I followed the instructions on the video but it still does not work. Can you investigate and tell me why this show won't work. Thank you.

  4. ok so lam going to try this. Also a other qt  on our tv is has demo tv and if l remove it and then my Tv sign goes away so l am not able to watch free tv . is there a other way. please thank you

  5. What do i do when the sound on my mxq box is messed up like it says the words before they're mouths even open like it pla to early can you help me please and my youtube app wont let me scroll down to see other vids

  6. I can only watch tv shows now. No movies from Exodus, Prime Wire or SALTS. It says, "No stream available". Do you have any suggestions please?! And I sure do miss Genesis ?

  7. Hello.. I have upload Specto. Had issues I have to delete it then reloaded it.. Well it installed but when I go to click on movies to years 2016 Nothing it won't even open. Can you help me.. Been working on this for a while now.

  8. I went to watch Terminator Genisys last night and said no stream available on all of them. I tried what you said and had another go this morning but nope it still says the same thing.

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