GEAR VR Roller Coaster ! (With Galaxy S7)

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For those with a shiny new Gear VR and Galaxy S7, you can experience the joys of riding a roller coaster, from the comfort of your own home.

➡Download link for this Roller Coaster (Make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to my channel before clicking):

You can also watch the roller coaster on your phone or browser without VR:…

Just follow the instructions in the file after unzipping it. Honestly you sould be able to copy it anywhere on your phone and it should find it. But follow instructions just to be safe. (Copying to Oculus/360videos folder)

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!

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27 Comments on GEAR VR Roller Coaster ! (With Galaxy S7)

  1. Hyyyiiiii!!!! I'm just THOOOOOOO excited! Let;'s see if I throw up, I shouldn't though because I have a high gag reflex…if you know what I mean. TEEEEE HEEEEE HEEEE. Holy shit.

  2. Didn't you get enough roller coaster sims on cardboard? I personally thought they were lame and would rather they not crowd up the Oculus home ecosystem. I've known a lot of people dismiss the Gear VR without even trying it because of crappy cardboard roller coater sims

  3. jeremy , if it isnt hard to you can you make 360 video of full part of this rift coaster or helix oculus coaster? because i really love these coaster and also your video is just 1 munite.

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