Gaming on the HTC 10 – Review

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27 Comments on Gaming on the HTC 10 – Review

  1. Can you make a video where you race htc 10 against another phone? In first round, you open few apps/games, and in second round, you reopen them, so we can see how many apps/games is left in memory. Nobody made this kind of video yet for htc 10 and I want to see memory management (phonebuff style speed test).

  2. dope device, hopefully developers will make optimization takeing it into consideration, sadly I personaly asked a bunch of them on witch device you can play on the best settings, most gave me a strange answer, the nvidia shield, a oldish device with very smal market penetration.
    ps nice video, maybe check how the HTC 10 stands against the Nexus 6P on games like rockstars gta vice city or madfingers unkilled on the very high settings (max resolution, max framerates, water evects, 100 draw distance, dinamic shadows, full brightness etc all on)

  3. How's the battery on the 10 so far. My experience with the 820 on the 7edge is I'm getting massive battery drain from the Android system, slight overheating and about 3.5 hours of screen on time.

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