Galaxy S7 vs Xperia Z5 Ultimate Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Sony Xperia Z5 Waterproof Phones battle and review. Which is better between the two? Find out in our full comparison.
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23 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs Xperia Z5 Ultimate Comparison

  1. Your reviews are absolutely correct, perfect. But the only thing you missed out is that, in spite of having higher benchmark scores and faster processor speed for galaxy s7, the z5 has better gaming performance as well as better Ram management in spite of having 3gb of RAM. 

  2. Which one of these do you suggest me to buy:Z5,Z5 Premium,S7 Or S7 Edge?The most important features for me in low-light conditions), battery and 3.speed of processor.

  3. Greetings everyone! please check out Sony vs Samsung HD tv detail test by Sony Listens, you'll see how they make picture quality better than Samsung. plus you can download the test app for you all to test tv's personally side by side, Samsung trolls are going mad that's for sure. Peace everyone!

  4. The only problem is that just Sony really supports 4K and there is no Android works over 1080P even marshmallows do not work with 4K does not support Google knows this and like they said Android 7 Nestle was 4K from the manufacturer and then look different so I hope other manufacturers may filmed in 4K but the physical devices their 4K recognize all this here does not support their problem so we will wait and look

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