Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5 vs. HTC 10 Speed Test

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Speed test between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos), LG G5 (Snapdragon), and the HTC 10 (Snapdragon) to see which Android flagship is the fastest.

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39 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5 vs. HTC 10 Speed Test

  1. Happy to see samsung improving.
    Would love to give it a chance.
    I hated samsung because the phone would slow down drastically and I'm currently using 6s plus❤️
    Maybe after this phone I'll go for android if there's nothing good in iOS

  2. If you listen carefully you could hear the samsung haters weeping under their pillows who ranted about samsung's ram management issue.

    On your face biyatches!

  3. Nice video. It's a fun comparison to make, but it means nothing in real world use really.. The fact is that the S7 and the G5 offers something that the competitors do not have..the HTC 10 doesn't. The S7 offers luxury build, amazing battery life, fast focus and great low light performance. The G5 offers the best camera, IR and removable battery. The HTC 10 offers nothing really.. might as well buy a 200$ Xiaomi.

  4. For the OnePlus 3 test, make sure you apply the RAM fix with a value of 60, not 42 as most people are suggesting. Then do the speed test with double the apps, just to make it fun 😉

    I can get 40 (forty!) apps running before they need to refresh. Good luck getting the S7 to do that!

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