Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S vs Lumia 950 – Camera Battle!

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2016 is off to a fantastic start for smartphone photographers. While we’re prepping to review the LG G5, let’s compare the current top shooters for each ecosystem. The Galaxy S7, the iPhone 6S, and the Lumia 950 are poised to do battle! An Android, an iOS phone, and a Windows Phone. Which manufacturer produces the best photos and videos? It’s time for a good old fashioned grudge match!
Galaxy S7 Full Camera Review
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39 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S vs Lumia 950 – Camera Battle!

  1. Since this video was released there were 3 major camera updates to the Lumia 950/950 XL and the image quality has gotten WAY better. The image processing was also tweaked and now it doesn't take 1 minute. Overall the camera became MUCH better than what you see on the video. There is now a dedicated HDR button which has ON/OFF and Auto modes. The AF is much more responsive and the white balance is spot on. The IOS in the front and back camera of the Lumia is overall better, which is very noticeable once you're walking with the phone. In conclusion – yes, at the time of this video the phone was still running on the old algorithms and fell back a bit, but now everything's new and improved and I'm 100% sure it overtakes the S7.

  2. My Lumia 640 cost $160, it has an 8MP camera and still takes pictures that look better than most devices mid to high end smart phones ~ no joke :V
    Lumias are the biggest secret in the mobile world. So much more value for money.

  3. That was awesome! And it was the best REVIEW that I have ever seen ! I just waited for that! But think WINDOWS should in 1st. Because it's low light picture quality is really good than SAMSUNG! What do u think about that ?

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