Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Speed Test (Apps + Fingerprint)

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Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6s Full Speed Test comparing the fingerprint scanners, multitasking, app loading, and games.

Galaxy S7 Water + Pool Test:
Galaxy S7 Unboxing:

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21 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s Speed Test (Apps + Fingerprint)

  1. Using both hands on the Iphone and just one for the Samsung during the speed test gives me a feeling that you are biased towards the Iphone and want it to look better. Hovering just one finger over the Samsung 5' screen and the home button obviously will take 10 seconds extra !

  2. that's a app compatible issue nothing to do with the phones software. ur could of tried it with different apps and the iPhone may have struggle to load one lol. worst test.

  3. so the s7 edge is pumping out almost 4x more pixels and is ~10 seconds behind on speed? this is not a win for iphone, that is pathetic

    sincerely, iphone 6 user getting an s7e in a couple weeks

  4. sorry the s7 is running god knows how many updates its obvious to me this was made by a iphone fan boy if u wanna make these videos try to remain neutral my personal opinion i like ios for running more stable over time but i also like Android for being more open

  5. So ten seconds slower after opening and closing 20 apps but with a much bigger screen and 4 times the pixels. I call the S7 the winner.

  6. your using Two hands for the Iphone and one for the Samsung…very minimal but still the times would be even closer…on the second go around your used your left finger to tapped open Google Chrome..and used your left finger to tap on the address bar while immediately typing with your right hand…that is a few seconds that could be added on top of the iphone test ( as well their were a few more movements with your left hand with the iphone helping the speed a little bit as well…..still a good test but you have to do virtually the same movements/at least use the same number of hands lol. Awesome job though I still liked the video I believe the time would be almost the same time if not a few seconds off

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