Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: Samsung’s “s” year proves superior

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This is it everyone, the comparison many have asked for. Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone vs. the new Galaxy on the block. We’ve always known that the “s” year for any iPhone involves better specifications on the same hardware, and at simple glance, you’d think that Samsung did the same. Still, where the iPhone 6s is indistinguishable when compared to the iPhone 6 in hardware and design, Samsung’s approach to re-iteration was actually different.

In the hand it’s really hard to say that anything changed on either of these devices, but the story is rather different once you dig deeper.

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38 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: Samsung’s “s” year proves superior

  1. 🙁 i have an iphone 6s, but galaxy s7 looks amazing and that camera and screen.. The only thing wich is keeping me to iphone is the software.. I really like simple things.

  2. I think that the Samsung has more options to it's systhem, like u're more free to do more stuff on it but Iphone is like maybe more simple visually and so on. Also I think that people that would take an Iphone may perhabs be a little enoyed by the lack of some freedom that u can do on Iphone but would let's say fullfil it by the feeling of being with Apple.

  3. Dude do you get payed by samsung or something??no offence but you compare a dual core cpu with a octa-core and 2gb of ram vs 4gb and quess what antutu geekbench and many other score more for iphone…yes the s7 looks good def camera is better not by far but still better and pls stop bitching you god damn samsung fanboys…all that apple does samsung icopy it and that it ,ppl say iphone cost 230 to make and cost 800 to buy well samsung did the same…if your a true android fan get htc,lg,sony not this faggot bling bling which is the iPhone version for android….over and out

  4. lol its 13 March 2016….. "Never regret of your own device"
    Never make me rethink, cause i think i made a great decision and stick with it utill it dies on me. thats true friendship….
    Still using Note 2 ….. i got no problem at all….
    Nice device, nicely taken care of by me. battery still gives me 4 to 8 hour of mixed usage…… i got extended storage… i bought new battery in case of running out….
    i am 1 happy camper…………
    but i am gonna buy a new phone in Fall of 2016….. just for change ,… its been 3 years…
    i know how to protect my investment….and go long years………….
    better screen, better battery, finger print unlock….
    why not best screen, best battery, best phone in first place, which might gofor 3 years straight…

  5. Aslong as a phone does what the person who bought it needs it to do everything else is of no concern. The average person never even knows all that their phone is capable of even after 2yrs. I do like the ip68 tho.

  6. I have always loved to buy the Samsung Galaxy S phones and one of the main attractions was not just the removable battery, but also the option of additional storage via SD card slot. I don't know why the reviewers always seem to make a fuss about the "plastic feel" of the phone, it never bothered me in fact I prefer it, because it made the phone stand out in a positive way in my mind, because you could remove and load up a fresh battery to get you through the day. Why some people think that the Galaxy phone is trying to look like the iPhone is a bit of mystery to me, but if that is what Samsung was aiming for I would certainly be
    disappointed, because as far as I'm concerned the iPhone has more hype and the Samsung more value for money, but both devices are equal in terms of performance and usability, it's just a matter of choice. So in short, I would have already purchased an S6 or S6 Edge buy now but I'm holding off, because of my concerns about battery life and the lack of external storage. I'm seriously thinking of going for one of the Chinese phones (e.g. Meizu), that may not have the desired options of battery and storage, but are a lot cheaper with excellent performance!

  7. I don't see why there's so much hate towards iPhone. I've had android devices in the past (primarily Samsung) and it doesn't match with the reliance and stability of the iOS. Even if Samsung brought out a device with a better processor and camera I will still go iPhone.

  8. I don't really care for the comparison it's very shallow and biased as expected. But what bothers me is the way the presenter talks about the iPhone and dismisses the features without a blink. Totally biased and unprofessional. There are better Andro reviewers.

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