Galaxy S7 vs G5 vs Xperia X Performance: initial impressions

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The biggest trend-setters at MWC 2016 turned out to be the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, and Sony Xperia X Performance. This is how they stack up against each other.

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23 Comments on Galaxy S7 vs G5 vs Xperia X Performance: initial impressions

  1. "historically lg n samsung offers almost the same package while sony trails behind”
    historically lg n Samsung pay these tech sites with some serious money while sony lags behind ?

  2. Soy makes the most beautiful and practical phones. The design of the X Performance is stunning, I was a big fan of the glass back of the Z series but I'm loving this alluminum scratched back.
    I bet the X Performance will outperform the 2 koreans phone in the long run…lots of my friends have samsung and lg phones coz no none buys sony here and after 5-6 months they either break down, start to lag and get old pretty fast. Even battery life has no longevity at all.
    This Sony X Performance might lack 1 GB of ram, some PPI but I am sure it will be still a damn fast phone with a terrific display (no one cares about 2k or 4k screens, they're useless on such small screens), and it will be the most ergonomic phone with its 5" size (which is still pretty big imo).
    Camera wise, Sony has stepped up its game, finally we have amazig front cameras, a new cross sensor, a new autofocus, new lenses and an improved superior auto mode which has always been disappointing.
    X Performance is all about practical use and substance: no gimmicks, no wasted resources and useless expensive features. If its price will be upper mid range it will be definitely the best phone of 2016: a timeless and quality device.
    Forgot to say, X Performance (as the Z series) has the best audio playback capability of any phone so audophile or music lovers have really no choice.

  3. Considering i'm allergic to AMOLED and TouchWiz, i'm going to have to go with the Xperia X Performance.. I'm waiting for the M10 though, maybe that might be be better phone.

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