Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon) vs. Galaxy S7 (Exynos) Speed Test

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There are two variants of the Galaxy S7, one with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor and another with Samsung’s own Exynos 8890 chip. In this video, we do a speed test between the two S7 Edge variants to see which Galaxy S7 is the fastest.

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28 Comments on Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon) vs. Galaxy S7 (Exynos) Speed Test

  1. This is not a far comparison, because Samsung using Snapdragon could be not as optimized as the Samsung using Exynos,
    Therefore not able to conclude which is better

    I came to this video hoping to see, each processor at their best and advantages of each

    But since snapdragon doesn't make phones, another video should then be, which phone pushes the best snapdragon to its best, then use that against the Samsung phone that users the Exynos to its best

    Then a showdown between those two phones 😀

    Thats like putting a BMW engine in a VW, put that VW vs a M3, obviously the M3 will be better, cause its …………… you get the picture lol

  2. Dear Phonebuff

    Hi how are you? Samsung Galaxy S7 United States version is using quad core CPU while the S7 Global uses Octa Core CPU. There are 2 more core in the global S7bthan the United States version. Thank you for making great videos. Much Appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

  3. exynos version is definitely better ,sumsung make the best phone and the best processors

    s7 edge with exynos is pretty much the best phone on the market today – until the s8 comes out next year …

  4. Very interesting indeed.
    I know on benchmark tests it looked like the snapdragon was set to dominate the exynos but real life application proves otherwise.

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