Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge: Touch Screen Fix: Over Sensitive or Under Sensitive Touch Screen or Ghosting

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Try these steps first if your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is experiencing touchscreen issues such as being over sensitive, under sensitive or having buttons and apps opening from a ghost.

-The code is *#2663#
-If this does not work then try *#*#2663#
-If these two do not work then look up your carrier/model and google it to find the TSP Update Code

Let me know if you need assistance.

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10 Comments on Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge: Touch Screen Fix: Over Sensitive or Under Sensitive Touch Screen or Ghosting

  1. My thoughts from coming from the s6 done everything to try to fix on s7 …I'm going back to the s6 reasons:

    -Fingerprint bad scanning undersensitive
    -Screen undersensitive
    -Screen feels and looks cheap like plastic dummy phone
    -When typing frustration high on retyping
    -Smart network switch not switching
    -Sindce the update volume down to zero when notification comes in can't be switched of
    this is a stupid latest firmware issue s6 has the same.When training in the gym and in the zone with music it dezones me so i have to switch of the time notification alarm.Then music keeps playing have to keep my eyes on the timer now.What are you doing samsung messing up everything now!

    Never been so frustrated about a phone i my life bye s7 welcome back s6!

  2. why is this the only source to fix this issue? why hasnt samsung released anything official? they seem to not even know about this issue when i contacted them… this issue has plagued me since i got the phone 3 months ago.. finally in april at&t released a patch that fixed the random split screen issue but it also made the random ghost text selection worse.. im hopeful that this video has finally fixed this issue for looks good so far.. i was at the point that any time i scrolled down a webpage or fb post, it would randomly select whole paragraphs.. each paragraph.. and random clicking on ads.. im so glad this seems promising

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