Galaxy S7: First 10 Things to Do!

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What should you do with your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge immediately following setup? Here are 10 things that might help you get the most out of your experience.

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  1. great vid mate, im from aus my phone isnt gold like yurs nether do i have samsung galaxy s7 incraved on the bak :/ ? would you no why , i bought from a Voda phone shop , thanks.

  2. Could someone please tell me when is the s7 edges price gonna drop in EU. I really want the phone but if I gotta wait like 2 months for its price to drop im not waiting. I wanna know how long will it take

  3. Thanks, Droid Life! Many of the pointers, ESECIALLY for the bloatware and deleting or adding panels. Not to mention, more in-depth instructions about the Do Not Disturb feature and the themes. Many of the others, I found out on my own by simply playing with the phone, which I always do, once I get one. I stumbled across that finger print feature. It's really cool.

  4. Useful video… but please (and this is directed to anyone making a "how to" video) loose the "American fast-speak slur". That is, any any professional "announcer" will train their voice to enunciate words clearly and not slur them all together. Plus, slow down your speaking ever so slightly. As an American, I even had trouble understanding some of your slurred "schnell" speaking. Non-native, English speaking viewers (and there are millions out there) certainly would be frustrated trying to understand your speech patterns. Taking just a moment before beginning your recording to switch your voice into "pro mode" will add a fine layer of polish to your work. … Otherwise, it was an excellent and useful video

  5. Anyone been having any sort of problems with both S7 and S7 edge by Samsung.? I'm in the market for a new phone soon to replace my current LG G4. Undecided what phone to buy.

  6. I need help,I bought a galaxy s7 edge plus,my galaxy s7 edge feels really slow.when I use YouTube it's fast,but when I search for videos on websites on google,it's slow,it's very tried a lot of apps,but none work,they only slightly improve the phone

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