Galaxy S7 EDGE vs S7 vs S6 | BATTERY TEST

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The Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 have much bigger batteries than the Galaxy S6, but how does it impact their battery lives? Benchmarks, HD video and Gaming tests provide the ultimate S7 Edge, S7 and S6 battery comparison.
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36 Comments on Galaxy S7 EDGE vs S7 vs S6 | BATTERY TEST

  1. I have an s7 and I've had it for about two months the battery was amazing when I first got it… now I notice that it dies quicker now. Does using your phone while it's charging affect the battery in any way? If it does then I need to stop lol

  2. what I want to know is does the brightness affect the S7edge in battery life . I keep my brightness on 50% but would like to keep on 100%. so does brightness effect battery life much n the S7Edge

  3. Pretty good comparison. I have a galaxy s7. Its my first samsung. I had Droid before this, And most droids looked ugly. So i decided to go too a better looking phone and im liking the samsung from the inside out.

  4. PC Mark gives more realistic results in this case, 80% to 20% results are different only around 30 mins between s7 and s7 edge. Closer to real life senario results

  5. yeah i was about to buy the s6 for $350 with its price drop but no thanks. I ll wait one more year until s7 comes down to that price so i can buy that. Thanks for the info.

  6. my Samsung Galaxy S7 only lasts 5 hours of on screen time and I've only had it for three days! It is brand spanking new and it's pulling this shit!? I will never go to Samsung again after this. Any tips?

  7. don't get this… idk if anyone switched from a iphone 6 to a s7 but the s7 dose NOT have a good battery to me. idk If it's my device but it's pretty hard lasting a day as a teenager.

  8. Great video. what is your typical usage? I find that just checking Facebook a few times takes my battery down from 100% to 90% in only about an hour. Is this normal? I've got the s7 edge.

  9. Thanks for answering all the questions that one would have. I was thinking how can one rely on those estimated battery life crap and you just said it out! Perfect.

    And yeah, subscribed!!!

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