Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus -SPEED TEST! (Do Watch)

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Fingerprint Speed Test!
GALAXY S7 Hidden Tricks!
All new Samsung GALAXY S7 Edge (Exynos version) fights the mighty iPhone 6S Plus! WHO WON?

This is a detailed speed test in between the just launched Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the 6 months old Apple iPhone 6S Plus.

TESTS DONE: Benchmarks, Boot, Fingerprint sensor, Dialer, Messaging app, Camera, Gallery, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Subway Surfer, Temple Run 2, Browser, Siri & S-Voice.

Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 dual unboxing-

40 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus -SPEED TEST! (Do Watch)

  1. sorry to say but u havent properly set your fingerprint on s7 edge i also have this device and it responds very quickly not needing much time as yours set fingerprint in all directions properly

  2. THE APPLE IPHONE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE APPLE PRODUCTS ARE THE BESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have a smartphone store here in Saudi and Imma android fan user before, but when i tried using iphone especially 6s olala all i can say is WOW no lag, yup S7 is good because its Samsung and its new but after getting the phone old it become laggy, but still im using S7 for tester if someone want to buy s7, but i always recommend the iphone for my buyers although iphone is too much expensive but no doubt this is the best phone I used so far.

  4. I am not impressed by Samsung, but I saw Samsung was a little bit faster, but I prefer iPhone 6s Plus. This curved glass of Samsung make you losing some important information, so I prefer the iPhone. Screw you Samsung, not this time sorry!

  5. with due respect ur all comment, i must say this video is not correct at all.
    first- s7 's animation was off, so iphone's animation should be off before taking this video.
    Second- this is not the right way to test speed side by side two different phone. it should test with stop watch on and open and launch the all can not say your finger is touching same time. when you touch in the screen, it command to processor to do it but when there are some dependency on internet, as we all know internet route and give first priority to the first one.
    third-ther are no multi tasking test. thats why it should do with stop watch , by first and second laps, we could see the both performance.
    Four- some brothers said that touch id is designed by s7 so that you could see the notifications, i do not agree. when 2nd time 3rd tiime pressing, it cant work. this is ability to read your finger.

    make animation off in iphone , you all will see in every aspect or field, iphone is the bigger winner

  6. This is stupid. Much of this information is bad. the finger print scanner? More Security. And the 7 edge is at more higher score then all the iphones. Iphones cant compare this year. (i am a apple lover). I am laughing. The youtube thing. Come on. I have no problem With that. You cant say that the iphone is faster. This can be Your internet. This is a total bad review/comparison. Learn to speak more about why it maybe is slower. Waste of time!And man. The 7 edge takes longer time at loading game, and you say its nearly no different. Samsung has teamed up With vulkan and made an ultimate game excperience. You need to read Magazines or watch programs, because Your outdated!Plz. I like you as a youtuber, but please make it more accurate. You sometimes doesnt know what Your talking about. Even tho im a appler lover, its wrong to say the Things you told us about the Samsung. Much Things doesnt even match the truth!

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