Galaxy S7 Edge vs HTC 10: Battle for the Best

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The Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC 10 are two of the best phones ever. But which phone would we choose if we had to pick just one?

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32 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge vs HTC 10: Battle for the Best

  1. Why the fuck ppl in this country are intersted in making everything sound like a football match ? If you like HTC go fuck with HTC and if you like Samsung go fuck with samsung.

  2. hey john i know that you know this but i think sony has been making the best android phones for a long time they have great cameras, great screens, and have always been water proof without looking ugly like the galaxy s5

  3. I've used phones from HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony.

    For years, I was a perennial HTC man – every year I would buy whatever the latest and best HTC phone was. This lasted up until the HTC One M7, which I felt was a really amazing device that set the benchmark in so many ways.

    But the M7 was also horrible unreliable – the software was full of bugs, ever everytime HTC released a new software update it made the phone worse and worse – the phone became more laggy, more bugs appeared, and the phone generally became far less stable. I was really starting to get turned off HTC (as I had similar experiences with past phones) and when they released the M8 (which had practically no upgrades over the M7 and looked uglier) I pretty much lost all faith in HTC.

    Had an Xperia Z and Z2. The Z was a terribly buggy phone when I first got it, but every update improved the device significantly and by the end it ran absolutely flawlessly. I loved it so much I replaced it with the z2, which to this day remains my favourite phone of any I have owned. Awesome battery life, waterproof, great feel in hand, and was just flawlessly smooth and reliable.

    I've since owned the LG G3 and G4. G3 was an absolute joke, and performed like a "beta" release device. IT was slow and laggy, filled with bugs, broke down all the time – ended up fighting with the provider to have it replaced, and was given a G4. The G4 is a fantastic device all round and while it's not perfect (there are some design things I'd wish were different) it was a pretty nice all rounder with no major flaws.

    I've never been a fan of Samsung. I've used them before, but have never considered actually buying one because I've always hated the horrendously innacurate AMOLED displays, the tacky look and feel, and the Touchwiz UI.

    The first time I actually raised an eyebrow towards Samsung was when I first saw the Galaxy S6 – not the Edge (which I thought as hideously ugly) but the regular S6. It felt sleek, compact, well designed and nicely put together – first time I've ever said that about a Samsung phone. But I still hated the display, and it had annoying feature omissions (SD card, waterproofing, etc).

    When the s7 and S7 Edge released, I decided to take a look at them..I must admit I was very impressed. First time I"ve ever seen a phone with an AMOLED display that actually impressed me. Not only does it look sharp, but for the first time the colours are actually accurate and the white balance is finally on point. The feel and look are great (even on the edge) and they brought back the waterproofing and SD card. It's pretty hard to find any significant flaw with those devices – they are really spectacular designs.

    My LG G4 died yesteday, and so I am off to the store today to get a replacement phone – I'm trying hard to avoid being 'another Samsung fanboy' because I've always been a person who likes to be a little unique, and use something a bit different to what everybody else has. But the S7 Edge (with the bigger battery) is such an accomplished phone overall that I seriously don't know if I can look past it's overall brilliance and really consider anything else. The LG G5 is a IMHO a pointless gimmick, the HTC 10 has doen away with the front facing stereo speakers (probably the only thing IU felt HTC really had going for them) and the Z5 Premium isn't available on contracts here, only outright. The means that the Galaxy is, I think, going to be my next phone.

    Why wouldn't I go the HTC 10? I have a few reasons.

    1) Sense – I don't like it. It always felt overly simplified, and I never liked how they try to go against the trend with the vertical scrolling homescreen.

    2) Design – I don't like it either. The past HTC's seemed consistent and coherent in their design approach – metal all over the front, metal all over the back. The HTC 10 looks awkward with the glass front against the metal back. It looks like the front and back are from two different phones. In fact the Front looks like a 3 generation old Galaxy device (with the overall shape and the front button design) while the rear looks classic HTC.

    3) No more stereo front facing speakers – the one thing that HTC had an advantage with

    4) Average battery life

    5) HTC's tendancy to suffer from bad software updates, bugs, quality and niggles turned me off the brand years ago

    I guess the S7 is probably going to be the one.

  4. htc m8 is a great phone to years i just pick up htc 10
    to days a go boom sound excellent but htc 10 is much better
    m8 is a strong phone but htc 10 is a beast no overheating rock on

  5. I picked the S7 edge over the G5 and the 10, because of:
    1- Samsung pay (which I love and I use all day long)
    2- waterproofing (always peace of mind and cool feature to have)
    3- accessories availability (I had the G4 and HTC before and I was struggling with accessories)

  6. I just like how simple samsungs are getting. messaging on the galaxy is somewhat like imessage and plus they have their own kind of face time. Idk… I'm stuck with my note 5. but I hear that the s7 is waay waay faster than the note 5

  7. Galaxy S7 Edge Wins In:

    +IPS68 Water & Dust Resistant
    +Quad HD Super Amoled Edged Screen (Very Immersive)
    +Dual Pixel New Technology Camera – Very Fast in Auto Focus & Low Light
    +3,600mAh Battery last one day easily of heavy usage
    +Exynos8890 Better than SnapDragon 820 in Battery Performance.

    Phone of the Year no Doubt.

  8. I've been an HTC fanboy since smart phones began(mytouch 3G) all the way up to the One M8. That's where things changed a bit. I always disliked samsung because the phones were plastic and laggy. However once my M8 broke after a few months, I decided the Galaxy S Edge looked incredible and bought one based off of that alone. I was not disappointed. I most likely would have gone back to HTC because I still love the UI and whatnot, but they removed the front-facing speakers which i loved so very much. That plus the simple fact that Samsung has a better screen AND a better camera made me go for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Still love HTC tho <3

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