Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy S6 Edge+: Very Familiar Faces

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If you just spent top dollar in buying a Galaxy S6 Edge+ this past holiday season, we don’t blame you for being upset. Samsung’s announcement of a Galaxy S7 Edge that looks almost identical to last year’s phablet just leads to a lot of confusion, even though there are some significant differences.

For starters, the company did the smart move of making its Edge variant a tad larger than the regular Galaxy S7, since the curved design feels smaller and lighter in the hand. Regardless of which device you’re holding, it’s hard to deny that both devices are gorgeous at a distance, and feel very premium in the hand. If you’re the type that likes to grab the attention of the public with your device, this is definitely the way to go.

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42 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy S6 Edge+: Very Familiar Faces

  1. S7 edge destroys the s6 edge plus. The battery life lasts like 3 hours longer on the s7 edge. It also doesn't lag that much. The s7 edge do wit light on fire as well

  2. the silver on s7edge looks better . but the s6edge plus looks better with bigget screen . but s7edge better because has expandable memory . arghhhhh fuck if only they made a bigger s7edge damn it .

  3. In this day of technology advances.. they should wait at least 2 years before they give us another phone.. there's not much you can do to a phone that would make it so much different after just 10 months of a previous one

  4. If i have the s6, s6 edge or s6 edge plus, i'd probably consider upgrading to the s7 edge. but, when the s8 drops, no matter how cool it might be, i'm not upgrading to the s8. samsung makes too much money each year by throwing in some new feature to trick people into upgrading thinking it'll be better, sorry.

  5. Are the egdes on the new S7 Edge more rounded or it's just me ?
    Every time I look at the new Edge and the s6 edge the screen on the former feels somehow more edgy ??

  6. i still rather samsung put all metal on back why glass makes no sense on any level also samsung is terrible at software updates and i have note3 looking to upgrade either 6edge+,or7edge or 6p

  7. now that the s6 edge plus has marshmallow there isnt anything much diffrent between the two. i myself was happy enough that they where not bringing out a s7 edge + there is little changes but not enough to really notice between the two now the looks im also very happy the s7 looks horrible the phones without a case are difficult enough to handle so lets make a smaller one so it can be dropped easier they claim its water proof it needs to say water resistant not proof If it sits under water long enough evil damage the speaker the s6 edge plus has been tested to work even after being submerged for over 30 minutes before it has issues by far the s6 edge + is still as functional and still Superior in looks

  8. let me be honest, and please teel me if u agee with me. when ur filming the smartphones to look all good n shit but u leave them full of fingerprints its like when u see a video of a girl hot as fuck, she takes off her bra ("dayum dem tities"), but then she takes off her pants and u find out that she is a shemale. please note that im not hating, its just a small detail that makes all the difference, at least to me

  9. I'm still keeping my galaxy s6 edge plus, is bigger than the s7, I've seen it in person samsung should have done the s7 bigger or s7 edge plus but no lol

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