Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement – Charging Port Repair – battery fix

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Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit:
Galaxy S7 Edge screens are HERE:
Heat gun:
Professional Back Glass Adhesive:


This video shows the teardown of the New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android Smart Phone. It shows how to remove the back glass panel and dissemble the phone using a heat gun and pry tools.

Replacing the Galaxy S7 Charging port is not easy, but I explain what needs to be done if there are no other options. Make sure that your charging port is not clogged by dust or lint before opening up your phone.

A battery replacement, camera replacement, or back glass replacement is probably going to be the easiest repairs for this device.

‘Liquid cooling’ heat pipe explanation: 4:27

Camera Optical image stabilizing gyro: 6:20

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this…

27 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Replacement – Charging Port Repair – battery fix

  1. hi Jerry, i pinch the battery of the s7 edge bye accident when ir tried to perform a screen repair and now it smell like glue, it Was only a small cut on the aluminium-paper like, but the smell is strong, do you think ir need to replace the battery??

  2. My S7 fell on the floor once and something went loose inside. It rattles now when shaking it. Everything is working, but it's freaking annoying and these are made these days so a normal person with screwdriver can't open them anymore. This was last phone I bought with my own money. One drop, something broke inside. My last phone S3 dropped like million times in past three years and didn't break up. Electronics are gone shit.

  3. I don't usually sub these type of channels but you did a great job with explanation that I had to like and SUB. one thing you left out is, will the double sided tape maintain the ip68 water resistance?

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