Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Worth It?

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is a home run – find out why in our full review of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Galaxy S7 Review:

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46 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Worth It?

  1. is this worth upgrading from my iPhone 6 (non"S")? Im originally an apple user, but the last android I used was the HTC one M8, so before switching I wanna know if this is "The" android to go for and back after using an iphone for so long.

  2. the s6 should have been waterproof with a micro sd slot..
    I'm not sure what's the lowest amount of gigs avaliable for the s7 is, but whatever it is, you can probably save hundreds just adding a 120gb micro sd. the s7 edge would only be worth it to me if i didn't have a 120gb s6.
    just get the lowest amount of gigs (save money) and buy a 120gb sd to flip luxury of memory

  3. The s7 is good on the software but the hardware just made me feel that they are not giving the best, considering the price they r selling at. For example: The loud speaker, compare it with lg g5 and iphone 6s when playing piano tiles and u will know what i mean?.

  4. Thanks for the review… one thing I noticed about the camera, it has a reflection problem (3:083:10) you will see a green blueish dot on the right lower side of the video, this is the sun :)

  5. yeah it is worth the upgrade. Bigger battery, IP 68, and expandable memory. I have the s6 edge right now and those things that frustrates me is resolved with the s7 edge.

  6. from I've found from other videos the trade off of price and it being a bigger phone the edge is certainly more worth it than the regular s7. I wouldn't have any problems paying a little more for it

  7. Guys i need an honest opinion. Stuck in a hard decision to make. I started with Samsung S3 in 2014 but after about an yr & half got tired of it due to bad battery and lag. Then i got Injoo One (2 GB Ram, 1.4 Octa core,5 inch screen) in 2015. Performance wise it's superb. May b even equal to Samsung s6 (due to superb optimization) but what it lacks is a bigger gorgeous screen & a good camera. Battery is also average (About 4-5 hrs screen on time at heavy usage). Ok now having been developed into a smart phones tech nerd I've decided to go all out and buy any mobile ph i want. Though not so rich but i have decided to spend even 800 dollars equivalent money to get a best deal. Let me show in the order of preference what matters to me.
    1. Performance speed.
    2. SD Card Slot.
    3. Disply quality.
    4. Display size (Should be above 5).
    5. Camera.
    6. Battery.
    I really have my eyes on S7 edge. the curve seems wow. So i want an honest opinion like if am ready to spend big money what phone should i choose which would have all the above features in the most best way possible. Or shouldn't i spend this big money if there is some other option which is equally addressing all my above wanted features in abundance?

  8. comparing the s6 edge+ with the s7 let me honest with u, in order to be a "fair" comparisson u need to compare it vs the 64gb version of the edge +, and in my contry there's a ~ 100dollar difference between both devices and since im spending so much money on a smartphone u would rather spend a litle extra and get the latest with the better camera, better battery, better design and better screen size (imo)

  9. Ron I believe it's worth the upgrade for the bigger battery, improved camera, IP68 rating, more functionality with regard to the edged screens than last years, and better processor.

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