Galaxy S7 Edge Review After 2 Months!

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After using the Galaxy S7 Edge for about 2 months, it’s time for a review! Take a look at some of the Edge features and more.
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Galaxy S7 Review:
S7 (Edge) Water Test:

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31 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge Review After 2 Months!

  1. Had my S7 Edge 2 months now. 2 Scratches on front screen already and I'm super careful. Accidental screen touching from the side is really really really annoying!!!!!!!!!!? Battery life great. The main problem for me is when I record video from front camera I'm getting exactly what you were describing, doesn't happen with rear camera and it also doesn't happen all the time.

  2. so, for anyone still reading comments in this video, does the S7 end up facing the same fate as all Samsung phones after a few months of stutter and lag? I was promised there would be no lag on the S6 and was horribly disappointed.

  3. Why can't Samsung put front stereo speaker while maintaining waterproof like xperia. Just copy Sony's design. With stereo speakers and waterproof, S7 and upcoming Note 7 would be perfect phones. I really would buy new Note 7, but speaker is only thing that making me wait for others' announcements.

  4. I love Nexus phones but unfortunately the 6p can't be set up for installments on any provider but the s7 edge seems like an amazingly solid phone. I've been thinking about upgrading early and trading in my old nexus 6 for this phone. Not too sure if I will though, this phone looks amazing and I can't stop thinking about it.

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