Galaxy S7 Edge GAMING Hearthstone [Lag or no Lag?]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 GAMING Hearthstone [Lag or no Lag?]

I recorded this rather long video to give you a good idea of the gaming experience on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: I played two games of Hearthstone, my favourite game on mobile devices.

I invite you to watch my video to find out how smooth the gaming experience is, and find out the limitations of the device, if any, including any potential lag or overheating.

– Galaxy S7 GAMING Hearthstone [Lag or no Lag?]
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– filmed with the Galaxy S7
– sound captured…

14 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge GAMING Hearthstone [Lag or no Lag?]

  1. I have no idea how you can have so much experience in Hearthstone and still play so poorly. You kept a 6 drop on the first hand mulligan, didn't even touch the 3/1 with your hero power even though you had 4 mana. You're a level 46 warlock have tons of legendaries and gold cards. I have no idea how you got to rank 20 honestly. I hate to rail on you so bad but, god damn it looks like you have put so much time and probably money into playing this game yet you don't even have the basics down. How does that even happen?

    Go to hearthhead or hearthpwn and pick out a really high ranking deck and make it (I know you have the cards). Go watch somebody play it so you can get the basics of how to play the deck (and the game in general honestly) and you'll probably have more fun.

    I just wanted to see how Hearthstone ran on an S7 Edge, I was not expecting this. I honestly hope I'm getting trolled, it would make me feel better.

  2. The HS was smooth and almost lag free on my Galaxy S Tab in 2015 (summer), now (2016) it is unplayable. I think current HS version is very unoptimized, it's not S7 problem.

  3. and another thing you might want to consider most experts found out. That if you go into settings on any game if they have settings in the performed performed better it was much more comfortable when you put all the settings on high detail high performance inside the game another words it works better when the game settings are at the max….

  4. you're also forgetting to activate game tools! and like I said I had no problems, no lags, Playing Games watching videos or doing anything, and I have my own computer and phone shop.. Galaxy S7 Edge ran flawlessly and is my everyday phone now..

    the experience is unbelievably awesome

  5. the game launcher didn't work? I have the Galaxy S7 Edge Qualcomm 820 American version I bought 2 of them I also have my own business fixing phones, computers being a computer engineer doing this stuff for 30 years just to give you a a quick bio of what I do

    the game launcher works perfectly on the Galaxy S7 Edge no problems no glitches no lag with any games

    having plenty of people come in and out of my shop I didn't experiment of which phone would you rather play games on holding your hand and use it everyday

    with the Galaxy S7 Edge in the Apple iPhone 6s Plus

    I've come to No Surprise in the same thing I experienced in most expert reviewers experienced. And remember the marshmallow operating system in games are not optimized for quad-core yet. for instance Temple Run 2 only uses two of the cores in the other two cores are barely used…. this seems to be the case with most programmers making games..

    in other words the Galaxy S7 Edge in Flagship Android phones are ahead of their time in the programmers have to catch up to quad core, and Octa Core performance. that includes gaming and programming for software

    so it's amazing how well it does in the first place knowing how little people put into it. The reason why programmers don't is because the games have to work on all types of phones

    but interesting Lee enough they could make a game that the Galaxy S7 Edge in Flagship Android phones could only play on, and Apple iPhone 6s plus would not be able to touch because it doesn't have the Advanced Hardware like Flagship Android phones. Apple obviously knows this and is always why they sell you underpowered overpriced phone and get away with it not being ready for the future

    but anyways after comparing the Galaxy S7 Edge, the iPhone 6s plus with a lot of different people asking them their opinion playing games everybody I mean everybody picked the Galaxy S7 Edge over the iPhone! They didn't notice any lagging all they said was I love holding the Galaxy S7 Edge in my hand, the screen as much higher resolution and The Edge on the screen almost has a popping out the 3-D effect that makes me want to continue to play games , watch movies, watch YouTube videos etcetera etcetera. And never felt they wanted to go back to the iPhone ever. They said they did not want to put down the Galaxy S7 Edge and I've experienced the same thing Apple iPhone is just boring in comparison holding in your hand the same old 1080p average resolution screen that they do on purpose because they know if they had to using much higher resolution screen, and a more full featured operating system and camera features they are A9 CHIP, that they think is so wonderful would fall apart if it was installed in a flagship Android phone such as the Galaxy S7 Edge because it could not handle all the pressure Advanced Hardware in a true computer based operating system that is in the Galaxy S7 Edge. It would be slow, laggy and I guarantee it would overheat.

    and by the way did you know that the A9 chip that is in the Apple iPhone 6s series and 6 series is made by Samsung LOL..

    even Apple can't live without Samsung is probably why 84% of the marketplaces and right now when it used to be the opposite in growing rapidly

    Android makes the best Hardware in computer-based software, cameras, waterproofing, micro SD card etcetera etc etc…

    Galaxy S7 Edge is ahead of its time and is Limitless for programmers to do what they want and they're starting to do that now and they will catch up.. when you're ahead of your time it takes a little bit 🙂

    Galaxy S7 Edge the best phone on the planet


    just have the satisfaction of knowing you really don't have to do anything other than wait for programmers to start writing / optimizing programs / games and software utilizing the multi cores (quad and oxta) that are in these amazing phones, that are truly ahead time.

    Galaxy S7 Edge, and Flagship Android phones are yawning waiting for everybody to catch up!!!!

    so just sit back and relax and watch the show unfold….


    and PS my grandsons mom my daughter has the iPhone 6s Plus. he has been using that for a while. he asked to play the same games on my phone. He had no problem using my phone whatsoever downloading games texting calling people LOL. and he said Papa I love playing games on your phone better than mommies!!! your phone is fun Papa!!

    ********so even a 4 year old gets it lol :-)

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