Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos) vs. iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test! (REMATCH)

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The iPhone 6S Plus beat out the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S7 in a previous speed test. In this video, we pit the global Exynos variant of the Galaxy S7 up against the iPhone 6S Plus giving Samsung’s latest flagship a rematch.

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33 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge (Exynos) vs. iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test! (REMATCH)

  1. how do you define the speed of a phone? its not about how fast does it open apps its about how much time does it take to complete a task and in that case iphone is way slower than the S7. e.g. If you want to send someone a screenshot in Apple you will first take a screenshot then you will open gallery than select options then select share and then it will be sent. On the other hand the moment you take a screenshot it shows options below select share select the contact and BOOM

  2. I broke my old Nexus 5 recently and bought Samsung S7 as a replacement, with Exynos. This sh1t has 3 times faster CPU than old Nexus 5, much better camera, much better microphone and speaker. But Nexus 5 is much smoother. I hate samsung and will switch to either iPhone 7 or Nexus 6 2016 (iPhone is more likely — Nexus 5 was a great exception and next nexuses are all slower)

  3. iPhone 6s Plus remains the speed test champion but the Exynos variant of the S7 Edge is very good, got to give props to Samsung with the S7 Edge and S7 (which I prefer over the S7 Edge) and this is coming from an iPhone and Apple fan.

  4. Lol even my iPhone 5s will destroy any Samsung phone. Samsung is just like any other Korean product; copying the successful companies and making the crappiest products in the market. It's like comparing a Kia to a bmw, no match

  5. Phone buff could you use the cpuz app to check the battery temperature before and after tests. So we can find out how your the devices get. I think the would add a bit more weight to the tests and for people to find out, how hot the battery gets on the new phones. Thumbs up people so they can see the comment, or it would be awesome if they read my comment.

  6. I tried the same text with my one plus one running 4.4.4 Kitkat. And the result s I got was
    First round took 2:25:39
    And than the second round took 4:09:47
    The extra time was due to Subway surfer and clash of the clan reloading again. Before I started the test my battery at 90% and battery 31 degree. And after the test finished me battery was 83% and the temperature was 42 degree. I did the test while my wifi, Bluetooth and GPS on high accuracy and brightness level were 100%.

  7. this is not a fair comparison.Why dont u hook them onto a monitor using usb (not the hdmi beacuse its a one way databus)and see how they work.
    s7 has more pixels to render and also more sets of aspct ratios to work with, and loading apps espcially the graphic intensive ones like games and videos will slow it down. dont crap about the fact they all render same resolution in the phones,because samsung galaxy can render a 2k monitor if hooked into one and function as a pc interacting with all the pixels( not just casting the phonescreen like iphones do). a liitle more work is done into the GPU for it to render different sets of aspect ratios and resolution. while iphones has only to render a limited number of them. most who dont know what i just said are mostly i sheeps, cause their heads are full of ishits .

  8. No doubt iOS devices are fast, but the 6S is running at a resolution that the Galaxy S5 ran… two years ago. It would be interesting to see how it would handle pushing out 1440P as opposed to 1080P.

  9. The S7 edge is pushing 4x more pixels than the outdated garbage iJunk. Nowhere in your speedtest that is taken into account even though ALL the apps in the test use 4x more pixels on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

  10. hahaha now every android fanboy gets butthurt. even with 2gb of ram and a dual core prozessor the iphone is faster than your shitty galaxy s7, htc 10, lg g5 or any other shitty android deice

  11. The iphone 6 s plus is a good phone. But the apple eco system is very closed. You reach this very fast numbers by sacrificing functionality. Try to download a video file with a iPhone and leave the browser. As soon you stay somewhere else a little longer the download will be canceled. And when you return you have to start the download new. This doesn't happen with android.

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