Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Life Test – vs. – iPhone 6s and Nexus 5x

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How does the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery stand up against the competition? Find out in this startup and battery run down test.

27 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Life Test – vs. – iPhone 6s and Nexus 5x

  1. I want to know what the comparison in real life battery life is between the iPhone 6s Plus vs the Galaxy S7 (NOT edge). I know the Edge is the actual rival of the 6s Plus but I don't like the way my hands accidentally touch stuff on the screen on the Edge. so I'm trying to decide between iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy S7. battery life is the most important feature to me.

  2. god damn the s7 looks so sexy
    making the others looks like a clone china phones
    btw the s7 has a bigger screen the the video was on the whol screen while the video was like on 60% of the screen of the other phones also the s7 screen is 2k And that drains more battery life then the … well 720P on the iphone and 1080p on the nexus . so i believe the s7 destroyed them .

  3. I'm not going to lie, but if you work all day like me and i cannot use my phone for the most of the day then the iPhone battery wins. I had the s7 edge for about 4 weeks and when i went to work at 7.30 am it would be on around 97%? by the time i would go on break at 10am it would be on around 92%! thats 5% battery drain, then lunch at 1pm the battery would be on around 82/83%? thats another 10% battery drain. The end of my shift at 4.30 my battery would be on around 76% and my always on display was off. With the iPhone, i get to work at 7.30 my battery still at 100% on my iPhone 6s Plus, with 20 minute usage, i go to break at 10 am , battery still at 100%, by 1pm its on 99%, then after lunch its on 92% from using it, by the time i finish my shift at 4.30 my iPhone is at 91%. Now, the iPhone knocks samsung out of the park when it comes to standby time and people need to understand that. However, if i use my s7 edge throughout the day say I'm at university then it will easily have plenty of juice at the end of the day say around 40%. It just depends on how you use it, the s7 will win if you heavy text and watch videos all day, but inspect battery drain when you are not even using it. It pissed me off so much, like why is my s7 edge using battery when its not even on?

  4. This test is so unfair. AMOLED Screens have much less battery usage when the screen displays black pixels. Do that test with brighter Video and you will get a fair result

  5. This was a bit unfair to the LCD phones as the content was mostly black of the video. if the video would have been mostly white, it would have been unfair to the S7.

  6. Although i am android fan but still that test was not even due to black colours in the video……. both iphone and nexus have ips display and samsung s7 have amoled which clearly means that s7 is at advantage and it have less colours to display

  7. STOP saying that this test in unreasonable because s7 edge is a bigger phone so the iPhone 6s is not in its leage. U guys are missing the point, this test is just to show that if u want to go with an iPhone, this is what his battery will be like. Same with s7 edge. Apple fan boys are going crazy here hahaha. I had an iPhone 6, sold it, bought s7 edge and I love it. Iphones do have a bad battery, everyone will tell u that.

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