Galaxy S7 Edge – 90 Day Review!

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This Is My Full 90 Day Review Of The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!


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44 Comments on Galaxy S7 Edge – 90 Day Review!

  1. hello
    what is your experience towards what many people seem to be complaining about in terms of the screen gettimg scratched easily ,sometimes out of the box, and some seem to get dead pixels on the screen, apparently especially with the edge version .
    also, it seems to be complicated to find a glass screen protector that actually fits the curved screen .
    I'd love to hear your feedback.

  2. you just EARNED a sub ! hey i am going to buy the s7 edge but what about protection ? i would like to get a screen protector but what i read is you recommended the glass one , why ? i am going to use unicorn beetle pro supcase and what screen protector i should use ?
    oh and also as far as i know the glass one has a lot of problems such as the glass screen protector will pop up with a case and it break easily , etc. sorry for the long comment, thanks.

  3. I should be getting s7 edge coming from the old M8 (same as you?) how was moving to touchwiz from sense and the buttons being on the bottom being the other way around

  4. Hello TechXclusive! Need a advice from you.
    Which phone I should consider, iPhone 6S 64GB or Galaxy S7 Edge?
    I love iOS but Samsung now made me confused. Consistent performance is my need.
    will Touchwiz lag or slow down after months of use? somehow it is slower than iPhone because it has more pixels to push. is it worth it or not? and also is S7 Edge is more fragile?
    please suggest me a phone which serves me better longer.

  5. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Best phone ever, although unlike you, I use a case on mine….the Spider Neo Hybrid, which I think looks pretty classy. Subscribed to you today!

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