Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls

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Whaaaaaat? Lil Wayne’s GalaxyS7 still works, even after he pours champagne on it. Learn more:

31 Comments on Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls

  1. Iv officaly found a new meme no not the guy that looks like a chick with snake as hair you know that one woman that turns me to stone ok what ever i mean the waaaaa meme its a new sensation that will infect millions just like the skin insanity

  2. Black culture just took another step backward with this ignorant garbage. The brothers in this "commercial" should be ashamed of themselves…accepting a paycheck to be portrayed as buffoons.

  3. why does Samsung have to portrait the image of black men sitting around whole day drinking and saying what tttttt like if we stupid why could it be a black man in a suit who accidently drops his phone in a pond while making a business deal. this is the image America potraits of the blackman. being a thug and saying what saying what means a lack of understanding. why lil Wayne don't talk to blackmen stay in school learn cut your hair pull your pants up. no but we angry with the police and want respect dress and act the part and we ll get respect.

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