Galaxy S7 Active vs. Galaxy S7 Drop Test!

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We drop test the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Active from AT&T and compare it side by side with the regular Galaxy S7. Samsung says the S7 Active is shatter resistant, so we put that claim to the test #phonebuffstyle!

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33 Comments on Galaxy S7 Active vs. Galaxy S7 Drop Test!

  1. just had to insure my s7 from a foot drop lol cracked the screen and sides what a piece of shit. looked worse than your drop from that high and mine was from the seat in my car to the ground. about 14 inches haha. S8 active is my next phone

  2. do u ever wonder people in the future will be laughing at us because those phones are old and are nothing compared to theirs just like this generation how we laugh about old phones and the whole thing will go generation to generation just laughing

  3. I knew it! S7 Active will sit at the top rank, that's why I requested this test 2 days ago.MIL-STD is really something.
    Btw, you must drop it till it stops working. Wonder how many time it will take.

  4. Considering the S7 Active is simply a phone with a built-in case, this was exepcted.

    But… how does an S7 with a good case fare in this test? I'd much rather be able to replace/swap cases then to have a permanent case be scuffed and damaged forever.

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