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– Pebble preps for substantial layoffs: “money [in Silicon Valley] is pretty tight these days”
– What the “SE” in iPhone SE means — or why, seriously, stop the letters and numbers crap
– Streaming revenue surpasses music downloads, but recording industry’s not happy
– New HTC 10 teaser primes us for some BoomSound action
– Samsung appears to be working on a new Galaxy Active phone – but what is it?

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent round of layoffs that’s coming to Pebble employees. Then we discuss the meaning of the name iPhone SE. Streaming music follows as we learn that even though it’s defeating digital downloads, it isn’t making more money. Then we discuss…

49 Comments on Galaxy S7 Active rumors, HTC 10 BoomSound & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. yes I would buy a s7 active. I think they are better looking then the original s7 design. but I would like to see it with a bigger screen then 5.1 inch. it would be nice to see a 5.5 inch screen or possibly bigger. 16mp rear camera and atleast a 8mp selfie camera with flash. 4gig ram and a bigger hard drive 64 gig or 128. fully waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant, harder gorilla glass then the original corning gorilla glass, fast charging would be excellent. i would pay 1000 bucka for that phome because i wouldnt ever need another phone or upgrade ever. that would be the ideal flag ship phone. I would drive that phone, like I drive my cars until the wheels fell off it.

  2. S7active… Waiting for specs desperately need to replace my iphone 4… Yes 4! Friends have the S7active and love them, so that's what I want, assuming the specs are a more durable SSoir more

  3. I'm so tempted to buy the S7 Active!
    I'm fed up with trying to find the "perfect," case (what a racket these people have going for themselves!)for my flimsy iPhone 6 that I've been tempted to go "back," to the SE.
    Regarding the design. I'm not sure that I'm that bothered by the fact that it's "old."
    A classic is a classic, it's never done the Mini-car, nor the Volkswagon Beetle any harm! :O)
    And, no Jaimie, you don't need a makeover..eres perfecto, como eres! :O) perdoneme mi espanol!

  4. Saying $10 is too much for millions of songs, most of which the artist poured their life into is a shame. It is like complaining that your favorite FREE tech website has ads… Just stop doing it people. It is annoying and stupid.

  5. I would buy it but some requested things. Fingerprint scanner – same design – bigger battery – shatter proof screen like moto shatter shield – water proof like the xperia z series. And finally a cheaper price than the s7 and edge like $ 350.00

  6. OMG !! I LOOOVE the S7-Active idea !! I have been hoping, and waiting for, specifically that ! It´s mah dream come true, IF it comes true. I´ll most likely get that one immediately.
    Ty Samsung !! Ty.

  7. The S7 active would be kinda pointless (like the S5 active). I bought the S6 active because of water resistance. If you have a tough phone you don't really need a different phone that is the same tough package just in a different shell.

  8. I would love a Note Active. like I don't even need the pen I just want a bigger display and a rugged phone that doesn't shatter when I drop it.

  9. Samsung Galaxy s7active needs more memory storage than the s6active. Maybe add a micro memory card for expanded storage that pops out the side or bottom of the phone and have a cover that is flush with the phone when inserted with rubber gasket to seal it from water damage

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