Galaxy S7 Active First Impressions: The Bigger, Badder Galaxy

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We don’t see as many niche phone “experiments” as we used to, so it’s always fun to see another rugged phone show up from Samsung. The Active line is now entering its fourth generation, but as more companies are building increasingly durable devices, does the Galaxy S7 Active still have a place for consumers in this market? Here’s our first impressions!

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34 Comments on Galaxy S7 Active First Impressions: The Bigger, Badder Galaxy

  1. Anyone know of the IR Blaster is back in there? I know the reg S7's lost it. I just don't wanna have to add an IR adapter to the headphone port and lose my Pressy button.

  2. att and their cheap packaging you just dont know if you are getting a used new or refurbished device with att aand then they also wanna surprise you with all the wonderful bloatware from direct TV

  3. This might be the best Galaxy ever. I liked the GS6 somewhat. The battery and software stability will probably keep me on iOS though. The S7A might be a great secondary or work phone though

  4. will it ve able to buy in sweden if it isn't stuck with that AT&T? i really need one because of my work. or at least, will it be able to buy from the US and ship it to sweden?

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