Galaxy S7 – 16 Hours In Water

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Samsung Galaxy S7 (Unlocked) –

When I heard that the Galaxy S7 was water resistant I was pleased. Samsung claims the S7 can survive 1-hour submerged, I decided to test that claim. Is this the best Android phone available? Is this the longest Galaxy S7 submersion on YouTube?

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28 Comments on Galaxy S7 – 16 Hours In Water

  1. you are really awesome. Ive gotten alot of ideas of what to get for my birthday. i, like you, are really in to tech. thank you for posting so many videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I will never understand this type of videos, you are telling me that the phone works perfectly fine by just looking at it, it's kinda like"oh look, your pc booted up, now you can play crysis"

  3. try 16 hours on rain. that will be way harder to survive because cohesive forces. infact thats how alot of people damaged their "waterproof" phones, because manufacturers were like "if it can survive underwater it will of course survive in rain", well no.

  4. Ive only dropped 1 out of 8 phones ive owned into the water (galaxy s2) and it still survived. I dont understand this obsession with waterproof phones. Are you guys swimming with phones in your pockets every day or am i missing something here

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